Budapest in May

Is Budapest Parliament worth visiting in May?

Budapest in May – is it worth going? Weather, how to dress, prices 2023 in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Budapest in early May and later, where to go in Hungary – read the review of good Time for Trip.

May is a wonderful month for traveling around the world. If not all over, then in Europe – for sure. It’s not hot yet, but it’s usually quite warm, replete with a large (in comparison with winter, of course) number of clear days and literally splashing with spring energy.

Nature blooms everywhere: timidly or stormy, giving a powerful impulse even to citizens suffering from vitamin deficiency. Those who have no reason to complain about the lack of strength, discover in themselves the desire for moving without interruption.

In which direction? In this review, we will explore rich opportunities that offers to tourists May in Budapest. As, indeed, in Hungary as a whole!

Obviously, not the most popular among travelers European country. But, as an increasing number of them have been finding out lately, very promising one – especially in late spring. If you take the trouble to study the question, then find out that you will not be able to see main attractions of Hungary even in a week!

And that’s not all, as there are enough relatively little-known treasures here. After all, in addition to sightseeing tourism, you can also do purely gastronomic. That’s just when it’s worth controlling calories, if you don’t want to get too fat.

Many people are also going to Hungary in May for

Health Improvement

Which is not surprising – the number of thermal baths in Budapest alone is in the dozens!

And, by the way, you should not limit yourself to the capital alone – there is a unique thermal lake in Heviz, well known are baths in Tapolce, Miskolce and Eger…

However, let’s get back to the topic!

Weather in Budapest in May

Exceptionally well suited for familiarization walks around the city and trips around the neighborhood. With one exception, perhaps, – the probability of rain increases in comparison with any other months.

Is Budapest a good walking city in May?

Not up to staggering, however, values – there are up to 5-6 days of inclement weather per month. The average rainfall in Budapest during May is about 50-60 mm.

Which is less than the same, for example, in Venice. And it is quite comparable with the statistical realities of Istanbul. Which in the last month of spring, by the way, is experiencing an incredible influx of tourists.

The air temperature in Budapest in early May 2022 ranged from +16-20 °C. But by the end of the first decade of the month, it can afford liberties in the form of an increase to +22-24 ° C.

Foreigners are often deceived by this trick – they believe that Budapest is exceptionally warm in May. Therefore, tourists are waiting for the continuation and begin to figure out where they can swim in the city and nearby.

But the local weather usually has its own considerations on this score.

Therefore, even at the end of May, Budapest observes uncertain fluctuations in air temperatures around +20 °C. And the weather is not making serious efforts to warm up the atmosphere more.

Nights, by the way, are much colder. The nights, by the way, are much colder. Usually the temperature drops to +10-12 °C, but in the first decade it is possible to decrease to +5 °C.

But the winds fortunately behave calmly. Sometimes they allow themselves sharp attacks of up to 10 meters per second, but in most cases they only pleasantly refresh tourists during boat excursions along the Danube.

How to Dress

No matter what review you look at – no one gives themselves the trouble to describe their wardrobe in detail. Yes, mentions of the weather are lost amid the excitement about Budapest’s beauties and Hungarian cuisine.

Which indirectly, but unequivocally indicates that the writers didn’t experience any inconvenience in this area. And they felt themselves quite comfortable, in May walking around Budapest in “frivolous” clothes.

Of course, we still advise you to bring a waterproof windbreaker with a hood. And also wear shoes with soles that are not afraid of small puddles and rain. Plus, take something really warm with you in case of weather disasters: like a cardigan or a woolen pullover.

It is possible that some of the borrowed clothes will not be needed, and you will walk around in a T-shirt throughout the whole trip. But the probability that demi-season clothes will still be in demand is higher!

And then – you are unlikely to risk leaving your hometown in May, dressed in almost beach clothes?!

Prices 2023

You can get from the airport to Budapest for absolutely sane money. It is enough to buy a 200e bus ticket at the vending machine near the terminal. Those who love comfort, order a taxi – the trip will cost about 25 €.

It is difficult to find cheap apartments located relatively close to the center, but it is possible. Especially if you started organizing a May trip to Budapest in the winter.

Budapest Art Nouveau Apartment (personally tested by the authors of the review) looks like an ideal option. They are located about a kilometer from the Basilica of St. Stephen 75, that is, in fact, in the heart of old Pest. And with a discount they cost about 65 € per day.

Budanest Apartments are also very good, whose regular cost is equal to the amount indicated above. The apartment is very small, but cozy. And within walking distance from it are: Mammut, one of the largest shopping centers in Budapest, baths for locals: Lukacs and Veli Bej.

Quite far from the city center are City Park Rest Apartment. Interestingly, even slightly more expensive than the above options. But also not suffering from an abundance of satisfied guest reviews.

The Budapest thermal baths are open throughout the year even in may

What to Do

We have outlined a detailed action plan for visiting the main sights of Budapest within 3-4 days in a separate article. In fact, this is an exhaustive guide to action for most travelers arriving in the Hungarian capital for the first time in their lives. And it can be supplemented only by those who have visited this city many times, having managed to discover its secret “pearls”.

As part of our material, we will mention only the most outstanding sights. Like a fortress hill with a royal palace and a Fisherman’s bastion, towering not far from the exemplary Gothic church of St. Matthias.

Almost every traveler wants not only to see from afar the literally sugar building of the Hungarian Parliament, but also to visit inside. Please note only that to participate in the tour of the huge complex, you need to purchase a tour for the required date. To do this, however, is not difficult –

Walking around Pest for the first time is better in the company of a guide. Not for fear of getting lost – although the city is large and very lively – but for a deeper immersion in its history and traditions. Moreover, in May this event in Budapest takes place in a particularly pleasant atmosphere due to the warm weather.

Of course, it is worth seeing with your own eyes St. Stephen’s Basilica and the “Christmas” Vörösmarty square. At least for the sake of order, walk along the street of shops of Vaci and enter the imposing building of the

Central Market

Not so much even to buy souvenirs and other “hungarikums”, but to get acquainted with the available assortment. And making at least an approximate list of what would be worth bringing from Hungary.

Mandatory points in almost any route are: Heroes’ Square and Varoshliget. With such a Transylvanian Vajdahunyad castle towering in the middle of the pond and Szechenyi Baths.

Children will almost certainly enjoy a visit to the

Budapest Zoo

Well, adults who consider themselves fine art connoisseurs will certainly appreciate the collection of the local Museum of Fine Arts.

Just in case, we emphasize that in May the number of tourists visiting Budapest is seriously growing in comparison, for example, with the winter months. And therefore you will almost certainly encounter queues and waiting.

Where to Go

In the immediate vicinity of Budapest, you need to visit the town of Szentendre. Charming, literally fabulous, looking especially beautiful against the background of blooming spring nature.

Along the way, visit the tiny Visegrad, once the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. And the city of Esztergom on the Danube, where the literally gigantic Basilica of St. Adalbert stands

Erzbet or Elizabeth Tower is located near Budapest on Mount Janos. According to many travelers, it is the best view point in the city.

And 30 km north-east of the capital of Hungary, in the town of Gödöllő, there is a country royal palace. Favorite summer residence of the famous Empress Sissi and her husband, Franz Josef.

If you have time, be sure to get out to the city of Gyor. Fortunately, you will have very few competitors in this business!

And then, if you still have the strength, get to the Abbey of Pannonhalma. The global attraction of Hungary, noticed, by the way, by UNESCO. Today the whole complex is included in the World Heritage List of Mankind!

Is it worth going from Budapest to Vienna? “The City of the Waltz” and in general one of the most famous capitals of Europe?

We believe that “Yes”! If the format of your trip to Hungary allows you to spend at least a day visiting neighboring Austria.


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