How do You Get from Airport to Budapest?

How will you get to your hotel from the airport?

How to get from the airport to Budapest in 2023? Bus routes 200E and 100E, timetable, opening hours, ticket prices. Is it possible to get from the terminal to the center of Budapest at night, how much do taxis cost – in the review by good Time for Trip.

The Franz Liszt Airport near Budapest, the largest in Hungary, is the main air gateway to a European country. It receives about 10 million passengers per year, arriving on flights of both national flag carriers and low-cost airlines.

Many of the arrivals, of course, do not even suspect how exactly they will get from the airport to the hotel in Budapest. Or at least to the city center. Having – and this is a great blessing – a small but well-organized metro system.

We hasten to reassure – in the case of the Hungarian capital, you can easily get there from the airport and back. Moreover, both during the day and at night you will not have a particular need to use taxi services.

How to Get by Bus

At the moment, there are two bus routes that allow both getting from Budapest Airport to the city center and going in the opposite direction. That is, after the end of the visit.

The stop of both is located near the exit from terminal 2B, there are also ticket machines there. Allowing you to buy tickets both for cash (only Hungarian forints) and with the help of cards of international payment systems.

One bus,


can be called democratic, it’s installed in the urban public transport system. And a ticket for it will also allow you to ride on the Budapest metro within the allowed time interval.

To travel by bus 200E, you need to buy a so-called “through ticket” (transfer ticket) for 350 forints. Then wait for the arrival of the vehicle, validate the ticket at the entrance and hit the road.

The final stop is the Kőbánya-Kispes metro station. Due to frequent renovations, it sometimes changes – usually to Nagyvárad tér.

Intermediate stops are made, including at the Ferihegy vasútállomás railway station, Népliget, Határ út.

The interval of movement is 10 minutes. Opening hours: 3.30 – 23.00, the route does not run late at night.


A bit more privileged because it’s a fast (max 40-minute journey) bus between the airport and center of the Hungary capital. It brings travelers to the metro hub Deák Ferenc tér, from which you can quickly get to the key attractions of Budapest even on foot.

But there is also a minus – 100E is almost three times more expensive than 200E (900 HUF).

On the way, in addition to the final one, the bus stops at the stations Kálvin tér and Astoria (only in the morning, from 3.40 to 4.40).

Interval – 20 minutes. Opening hours: 5.00 – 1.20 in the direction from the airport, 3.40 – 00.40 – from the center.

Bus route 100 E runs between the airport and Budapest


You can find detailed information about route 100 E on the official website of the Budapest transport operator –

Night Buses

In the period from 23.00 to 00.21 you can leave the airport on one of four routes 200E. And after getting off at Határ út, transfer to buses 914, 914A, 950, 950A. Which will take you to the central metro station Deák Ferenc tér.

What to do in front of the closed doors of the subway (open from 4.30 am to 11.30 pm) in the dead of night? It is your own business…

From 00.22 to 03.29, route 900 also depart 4 times from the airport terminal 2B. The next one is to Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, where passengers are intercepted by 950, 950A.


The cost of the trip from (to) Budapest airport usually starts from 25-30 €. Although in general there are enough transfer companies in the city that organize comfortable delivery of tourists for 10-15 €. You just need to book this service in advance!

There are several options by which you can get to the city upon arrival

Car Rental

Renting a car is the most expensive way. But it greatly expands the possibilities of the tourist!

Allowing both to get from the airport to Budapest itself, and to travel around the outskirts of the Hungarian capital. Moreover, the prices for car rental today are not staggering!

  • From 15-18 € per day you have to pay in winter, and about 30 € – in the summer months!

Not so much, if in return you have noticeably broader prospects. After all, you can see a lot of interesting things in Hungary. As in the near and far suburbs of its capital there is where to thoroughly turn around.

Visit the fortress of Visegrad and pretty, as if transferred from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Szentendre. Go to the local Skansen, see live the grandiose Basilica of St. Adalbert in Esztergom. Wander the streets of Baroque Győr…

By car, you can easily get to the shores of Lake Balaton. After all, if someone who comes to Budapest in October does not think too much about swimming, then in the summer the “Hungarian Sea” attracts a lot of vacationers.

By renting a car, you can easily change the direction of your vacation for a few days. For example, take a health spa course on Lake Heviz, see the sights of Keszthely and the Sümeg fortress.

The motorist will not seem redundant the distance separating Budapest and the town of Eger. Glorious for its old town and, especially, the fortress.

Equally, you can quickly get to the Bükk National Park. A real green reserve abounding with plant species rare for Central Europe.


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