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Is it worth traveling to Milan in June and what to do

Milan in June 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, air temperature, how often is it rains, what to wear. What to do in Milan in early June and closer to July, where to visit nearby, prices in hotels and on excursions – in the review of

June is a good month! Literally for everything, including for traveling around Europe, focused mainly on exploring cities and attractions.

After all, at the beginning of summer, the weather is almost everywhere, even if hot, then still not exhaustingly sultry. Which allows you to take long walking promenades along the streets and embankments without fear of getting heat stroke.

Naturally, this does not happen everywhere. But Italian Milan in June definitely falls into the number of places where curious and active travelers will feel comfortable! And even more – they’ll definitely like it.

Pretty sad that you won’t be able to take part in the summer sales in Milan? We insist that if you are lucky enough, even at this time you will be able to take with you not only pleasant memories, but also some practical and quality things (bought, in addition, with a significant discount)!

Weather in Milan in June

You can be sure that it will be warm in the main city of Lombardy during your visit. May be even hot – it will only be possible to freeze at night. And only in the case you unwisely leave the hotel in just a T-shirt and shorts.

In early June 2023, in Milan, street thermometers in the daytime in most cases showed from +24 to +28 °C. After sunset, however, the air cooled to +16-20 °C.

In the middle of the month, there was a slight increase in average daily temperatures. And at the end of the second half of June, Milan warmed up to +28-30 °C during the day and +21-23 °C at night.

The air temperature in Milan in June reaches +28-30°C during the day

On the one hand, it pleased those who prudently chose to explore this city at this time. And on the other hand – upset!

Because even in the early morning, after joyfully running through the streets breathing summer freshness, you found a long queue of tourists who wanted to get to the roof of the world-known cathedral

Further – more, in the third decade of June, the air temperature in Milan began to steadily rise above +30 °C. So in the late afternoon hours reach values of +32-34 °C. Forcing travelers to devote much more time to city museums and the absorption of giant portions of Italian gelato.

It seemed that on the border of June and July, really hot weather came to Milan. And it’s time to move closer to the sea, to some Italian resort on the Adriatic Sea.

However, nature decided in its own way. Suddenly plunging the whole of northern Italy into a kind of cold bath – for a couple of days it became unseasonably cold here. Even during the day the atmosphere in the Lombard capital did not warm up above +21 °C.

In principle, such surprises are not typical for Milan at the end of June. On the contrary, you have every right to expect that the air will steadily warm up to at least +28-30 °C.


In terms of rains, the first month of summer is not something outstanding here – the precipitation rate is about 70 mm. So basically you need to be prepared for the fact that it may rain for a day or two during your trip – as you are lucky.

Prolonged precipitation is not typical for this time of year. However, in any case, we recommend that you take an umbrella or raincoat with you – in the latter case, you can take spectacular photos without any problems even in bad weather!

Prolonged precipitation is not typical for June in Milan

It is not uncommon for rains at this time of year to be accompanied by thunderstorms and gusts of wind, which leads to a noticeable decrease in air temperature

Good idea – to monitor the weather forecast shortly before or during the trip in order to understand exactly what to wear on a particular day and whether an umbrella is needed. As in this case you can make timely adjustments to the event plan and replace, for example, a walking tour of the city with a visit to a museum or shopping.

It is easy to breathe even in hot weather. On some days, the humidity may exceed 80%, although it generally tends to the range of 60-70%.

In June, the sun rises over Milan at half past four in the morning, and sets after 8 p.m. The length of daylight, therefore, exceeds 15.5 hours. This allows you to organize very busy sightseeing routes. And in principle, to waste the time in a most useful way.

Worth Knowing

The center of Milan is paved with cobblestones, so it’s worth:

  • Putting aside high-heeled shoes, opting for more practical shoes. For example: light summer moccasins or sandals. In case you are planning to take a long-distance excursion, which includes a hike to the Alpine meadows, it is worth taking trekking shoes with you.
  • To wander around the city during summer months in the early morning, immediately after sunrise. It won’t be too hot and crowded
  • Be sure to carry drinking water with you everywhere. After all, it can get very hot in Milan in late June even before noon
  • Learn a few common phrases in Italian. Because many Italians do not know English well, and it will be difficult for you to explain yourself in case you get lost. Or you won’t be able to find the entrance to a cafe or museum.

What to Do in Milan in June

Even if you come here not for 3-4 days, but for a whole week, you are unlikely to be visited by the idea that this city and the surrounding area have been totally explored and you simply have nothing to do. Because with a thoughtful study of the issue, more and more interesting places are discovered in the capital of Lombardy.

Milan Duomo - the first thing to see in Milan in June

Naturally, you are unlikely to miss key attractions like the Milan Duomo and the square attached to it, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Merchants Square, a touching piece of the Middle Ages, inexplicably preserved in the heart of the quite modern metropolis.

Every first tourist seeks to purchase tickets to the refectory of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where excibits a real masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, the fresco “The Holy Supper”. It is difficult for theatergoers to resist the temptation to look inside the famous La Scala. Both in order to marvel at the luxury of the interior, and in order to admire an opera.

Not every traveler seeks to honor the visually overwhelming Castello Sforzesco with his presence. But walking through the green and cool Sempione Park around the citadel is a very popular entertainment, especially in summer.

The idea of going to the museum in the middle of a hot day is simply amazing. So do not miss the chance to explore the collections of the Pinacoteca Brera and its much less well-known colleague, Biblioteca Pinacoteca Accademia Ambrosiana.

A walk through the halls of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan will also be very informative for both kids and their parents. For where else in the world can you get acquainted with so many non-pictorial works of the genius Leonardo?

Public Transport

It is worth bearing in mind that in case of rainy weather, you can always use the public transport services of Milan. And, among other things, for the price of a regular ticket, take a ride on a rare tram that has been running through the streets for 100 years.

Guidebooks rarely write about this, but in general, the old trams are an iconic landmark of the capital of Lombardy!

And public transport in the city is also represented by metro and buses. A one-time ticket for a trip lasting a maximum of 90 minutes costs € 1.5. If you are going to use local public transport frequently when traveling, purchase a travel card at a newsstand or tobacco store:

A subscription for 10 trips, Carnet 10 viaggi, will cost € 13.80 in 2024. A day pass, Biglietto giornaliero, costs € 4.5, and for 48 hours, Biglietto bigiornaliero, € 8.25.

The full tariffs and options can be found on the website –

t’s worth visiting Milan in June for 3-5 days


There is a special category of tourists who come to Milan only for bargain shopping. But since the season of Italian summer sales starts only at July 6, it’s too early for them.

But you may well find discounts on something. Especially if you set yourself the task of walking through local boutiques, stores and shopping malls.

Those located on the large and busy Corso Buenos Aires look especially promising. But on other streets you can easily find small family shops where you can buy a high-quality thing for a modest amount. Do you want to take home something made in Italy, don’t you?!

Is it worth spending time in June on trips to outlets near Milan, the same famous Serravale? We don’t think so – much more promising look journey in completely different direction!

Where to Go

Indeed, at the beginning of summer, the surroundings of the great city are simply bathed in a green ocean of greenery. What can we say about slightly more remote, near-Alpine regions?

In general, in June you should definitely go somewhere from Milan. For example, take a tour of the nearby Lake Como. Or visit Lake Garda, whose coast was considered a resort enclave for the elite back in the days of the ancient Romans.

The most famous town on the lake is Sirmione, even out of season, tens of thousands of tourists visit the Scaliger castle there. We advise you not to stop there – on the shores of the Garda it is worth exploring many frankly beautiful places. Or, for example, taking a cruise on the lake.

It will be difficult for families with children to avoid a visit to the Gardaland amusement park. One of the largest in Italy and, in principle, in Europe!

From Milan in June it is worth going to Lake Garda

Do not forget that Milan is located not so far from the border with Switzerland. So if you wish, you can move from the plain to the mountains, take a ride on the Bernina Express train, and see the huge glaciers.

Prices 2024

Naturally, with the arrival of summer, Milan, like any other major city in Italy, becomes extremely popular among tourists. Which naturally affects prices – it is problematic to find an inexpensive room in hotels and guest houses at this time of the year.

So if you’d like to rent a room or apartment with a private bathroom and of good reviews, then prepare from € 80-90. And that’s without taking into account tourist taxes!

For this money, you should not expect to settle in the city center. At best, you will find a room or a separate apartment in the Porta Vittoria or Naviglia area.

Accommodation in the lively Porta Garibaldi area, where there are many good restaurants and nightclubs, will cost about the same amount. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to rent an apartment near Sempione Park. But, of course, at its far end, opposite to the one adjacent to the Sforza’s Castle.

But the prices for city tours and country trips do not change much depending on the time of year. Of course, you can’t get a discount in June, but the absolute majority of travelers will be able to pay a standard price.

For example, a 3-hour bike ride in Milan with a guide costs only €35! And by paying €50 you will become the proud owner of an entrance ticket to the roof of the Milan Cathedral and a participant in a tour of it!


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