Cyprus in April

There are many sunny days in Cyprus in Apil

Cyprus in April 2024 – is it worth visiting on seaside vacation? Weather, air and sea temperature in Larnaca or Limassol, Paphos or Ayia Napa. What to wear, is it possible to swim in Cyprus during April, prices in hotels and on excursions, is it worth renting a car? What to do in the island in the middle of spring, what to visit – in the study by good Time for Trip.

Cyprus is one of the most interesting and sought after beach destinations in the Mediterranean, literally the quintessence of this kind of holiday! A large number of sunny days, warm or generally hot weather, sea inviting to swim – aren’t all of this right that a potential vacationer dreams of?

However, all this splendor is available only during the season. Which, although it lasts 5-6 months, usually starts no earlier than mid-May.

What is April like in Cyprus?

Also joyful and clear, maybe a little cooler month?

Or the time that still remember about winter? And inclined to cool hot tourist heads with cutting gusts of wind and far from summer temperatures? Persistent rain and unexpected cold snaps?

We have studied the issue in detail and are ready to please you!

Weather in Cyprus in April

Like almost everywhere in Europe or Turkey, this time of year is not stable. Which does not prevent tourists who visited Cyprus even in early April from scribbling extremely positive reviews on social networks. Informing that it turned out to do literally everything from the plan!

Not only to visit all the interesting places in Cyprus, but along the way and enjoy the view of blooming spring nature. Sunbathe and even swim, take part in cruises and inland excursions, go fishing on the high seas.

There is no particular doubt that all this will succeed. After all, the instability of the weather in Cyprus at the early April (and, moreover, at its end) has little in common with that somewhere in London.

Since in any case it allows you to count on the air temperature of the order of + 18-20 °C at the beginning of the month and a very modest chance of rain. That, of course just provokes long trips inside the island!

Dips to values ​​around +15 °C, although infrequent, do happen. But they are followed by significant warming. And reaching new heights – by the middle of the month you may expect seeing on thermometer something about + 22-24°C.

In April 2023, the weather in Cyprus was about the same. And even western Paphos, not to mention the eastern and warmer Ayia Napa, regularly observed + 20-22 °C on thermometers.

It is colder at night – up to + 14-16 °C. Which should encourage the participants of evening walks along the streets and embankments of April Limassol or Larnaca to wear warmer.

Rains in Cyprus in the middle of spring are rare according to long-term statistics. The average rainfall does not exceed 25 mm, no more than 1-2 rainy days should be expected per month with an average rainfall of no more than 25-30 mm.

But in practice, literally any tourist when vacationed in Cyprus even at the end of April came across them. Amazing, right?! After all, forecasts constantly promise a high probability of a clear day.

It's possible to swim in Cyprus in April

Sea Temperature

Not able to keep some of the vacationers from taking sea baths. And sometimes long swims. Although from the point of view of local residents, the water area with a temperature of + 17-19 °C is suitable only for cooling beer …

In general, you can swim in April in Cyprus. And in other years it is even necessary – the water near the coast warms up so much that it makes you remember summer days.

Just keep in mind that things can change very quickly. And sleeping with almost absolute calm, the bay suddenly becomes completely inhospitable. And the sea is covered with waves, fiercely attacking yesterday such a hospitable coast.

The strength of the wind and its direction in the middle of spring are the defining climatic factors on the island. So studying of the short-term weather forecast should become commonplace on vacation.

Best Resorts in April

Many tourists, especially those who have previously been to Cyprus, in April out of habit choose its eastern coast: Protaras and Ayia Napa. After all, these island resorts are famous for their amazing sandy beaches and excellent swimming conditions for literally all ages.

However, such a choice in the middle of spring cannot be considered optimal. After all, of the sights here there is only the Greco National Park – you will have to get to other places by bus or car.

By the way, we advise you to learn about car hiring in Cyprus. Requirements for tenants are very moderate, and prices at this time are low. As for left-hand traffic, which is completely new to most Europeans and North Americans, with local traffic you will quickly adapt!

It is quite another thing to stay in April in Larnaca or Limassol, especially Paphos. Since there are much more opportunities in terms of off-the-beach leisure.

From sightseeing interesting places that abound in the cities themselves and in adjacent Troodos mountain range to evening gatherings in authentic local restaurants.

What to Wear in Cyprus in April

The selection of clothes in the described case is a very important point. Because if you let yourself relax after listening to (tour operator’s) stories about blooming in April and incredibly warm Cyprus, you can be very sorry.

We advise you to take really warm clothes with you on a trip. Not just blouses, but woolen sweaters and pullovers.

At the same time, of course, all the things necessary on the southern sea should be present in the vacation wardrobe. Like sunscreen, a set of towels, spare bathing suits, and assorted hats and caps.

After all, the sun in Cyprus and in the middle of spring fries as if it had signed a contract for heating. Easily browning bodies of northerners not ready for such a reception.

Cyprus blooms in April

Prices 2024

Prices for local hotels in mid-spring have not yet fully recovered from hibernation. Although, of course, it is not necessary to count on the fact that you will be able to rent a house for the same amount for which you would have done it in December.

We tend to recommend the inexpensive Cornaro fine arts center located on the coast of Limassol. Its owner at this time charges about 60 € per night – not too much for a well-equipped apartment?

Pay attention to The Paphos Pafia 2 Apartment in Paphos. It also has everything you need and is located within walking distance from the main attraction of the city, the Archaeological Park, housing.

What to Do in Cyprus in April

Even if you stay in a major resort like Larnaca or Paphos, there is no reason to stay too long. Since Cyprus in the spring, as mentioned above, it blooms! And you just won’t forgive yourself if you don’t see it with your own eyes.

At no other time on the island will you see such an abundance of flowers and lush greenery! That is why trips to sightseeing places, as well as villages in the central part of the island, should be given special attention.

You can find a complete list of the main attractions of Cyprus in a separate article. Here we will just mention which way to look when planning trips.

Especially worth visiting in April are places such as the beaches of Coral Bay and Lara. As well as the picturesque Avakas Gorge and the Akamas National Park with the Blue Lagoon near Paphos.

An indispensable item in the program of a traveler who finds himself in Cyprus for the first time will be the monastery of Kykkos. And equally – if possible, of course, the villages of Pedulas and Mutulas located not far from it.

A natural step would be a visit to the ancient ruins of Kourion near Limassol. Not even so much for the thousand-year-old ruins, but for the views that open up around. If you have time – visit the “Rock of Aphrodite” and the ruins of another ancient policy, Amathus.

You should definitely plan a visit to Cape Greco near Ayia Napa. Places, especially beautiful in the spring.

We advise you to spend a day exploring Famagusta on the Turkish part of the island. Also, a trip to Kirne will be a great way to spend time usefully.


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