How to Rent a Car in Cyprus?

Autumn in Cyprus - one of the top times to go there

Car rental in Cyprus: how much does it cost, and what do you need? Requirements, documentation, prices 2023, franchise, amount of deposit? Who can hire a car in Cyprus, how long lasts a trip around the whole island – in the article of of good Time for Trip.

Do you want the truth? Renting a car in Cyprus is not a whim, but a severe necessity! For without it, it is not possible to get to all the sights and see most of the authentic villages.

In theory, of course, you can use public transport. But its schedule does not take into account tourist needs at all.

And therefore, in fact, the only way to be in time everywhere and see everything, if you don’t hire a car in Cyprus, is to order excursions. Which are quite expensive here.


Tourists should initially take into account that the traffic in Cyprus is left-hand. This is a British tradition inherited from colonial times!

Everyone here is driving in the opposite lane – from the point of view of an American or German driver. And, of course, turn onto it at intersections and other forks.

Adjusting to this is not as easy as the guidebooks portray. One thing saves – Cypriot traffic, even in the season, is far from equal to Berlin or Paris. And you will almost certainly have time to figure out where to go.

If possible, try not to snuggle up to the curb, which is here on the left. Since in this way you can inadvertently hook a garbage can with a mirror or side of a car. Or something else that sticks out…

An experienced driver usually adapts on the very first day. And in his reviews you will not find even a shadow of worries about this.

On the contrary, there will be (almost) continuous enthusiasm about how much he manages to see. No wonder – by car you can see main attractions of Cyprus in a week, a maximum of two.

Those who are not in a hurry, or consider adapting to local traffic too risky, travel around the island by bus. Comforting himself with the thought that the distances here are not too great. And public transport is used to traveling strictly according to the schedule.

However, we will not describe the features of the latter within the framework of this material. Focusing on the disclosure of the topic indicated in the title.

Cost of Renting a Car in Cyprus

The site of the most popular low-cost rental aggregator,, has the following chart showing the dynamics of the average price change depending on the month.

At the same time, all classes of rented vehicles are taken into account. Which is why the cost of rental in Cyprus in the summer months looks excessive.

At first glance, because in fact it is not! For in the case of choosing premium brands, you will have to pay much more.

But democratic tourists, who can be content with Mitsubishi Colt or Nissan Note, will lay out only about 30-35 € per day.

It’s at the peak of the season, in June! Those who intend to relax in Cypriot resorts in May, not to mention the less hot months, can count even on more pleasant price tags.

Naturally, you can seriously save even if you decide to go on vacation in Cyprus in March. Since there are very few tourists at this time, and demand is low.

Cars for this money will, of course, be pretty well traveled in their lifetime, from the years of 2011-2013.

  • But with A/C running and (in most cases) automatic transmission!


For vehicles of similar dimensions to the above models, it will cost 100-150 € for the entire rental period. Another 40 € will have to be paid extra if you are a “young driver”. That is, a person aged 21-25 years with a driving experience of 3 years.

By default, the car is insured under CDW against damage that you manage to inflict on it in an accident or for any other reason. Except for some deductible.

Also, damage to wheels, glass, headlights and the bottom is not compensated. Covering this type of loss is usually made from the amount of the deposit left in the account of the rental company.

Almost always, however, you can insure yourself additionally under SuperCDW. And no longer worry about possible chips and scratches.

The service is available for a rather impressive (from 120 € per week), but at the same time, an amount that relieves worries.

Please note that insurance on the island ceases to be valid if it turns out that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident!

Requirements and Documents

In general, in order to rent a car in Cyprus, you must be over 25 years old and have more than 3 years of driving experience. But, as mentioned above, for only ~ 13 € per day and with the “Young Driver” option, the vehicle will be provided to persons aged 21-25 years. Experience, however, should still be at least 3 years!

To conclude a hire agreement, you must provide the following documents:

  • driver’s license
  • passport or ID
  • bank card

Where is to Rent

The most convenient and cheapest way for hiring a car in Cyprus – do it immediately upon arrival, at the airports of Larnaca or Paphos. Because if you decide to do it later, already at the resort where you are staying, the rental company will take the money for “delivery”.

The fee for the service, however, is not so high as to grab your head. After all, the car you need will be driven to the hotel door for only 25-30 €.

By the way, this option, like many others, you can specify directly when ordering a rental online – by ticking the appropriate box.

Keep in mind that if there is no shortage of rental cars in April in Cyprus, then at the peak of the season and even in September-October they are in high demand.

You Need to Know

Is it worth pre-booking a car long before visiting the island? As mentioned just above, it greatly depends on the time of your vacation in Cyprus.

If we are talking about popular months, and all of them from May to October are considered as such, then definitely. After all, this is the only way you can be guaranteed to get what you are looking for upon arrival.

The prepayment charged is usually 15-20% of the total cost of the order. The rest of the amount is paid at the final registration already on the spot.

What happens to the booking (and money?) if the flight is cancelled? Or will you not be able to attend at all for some reason?

In most cases, you will lose the advance in this way – read the terms of the agreement more carefully. But if you rented a car at with a free cancellation icon and canceled it more than 24 hours before pickup, the prepaid amount will be returned to your account.

  • Is it possible to rent a car without a deposit?

Easy – you just need to put a tick in the appropriate “filter” box. And the sooner you think about booking, the more choice you will have – about a third of all cars here are rented without a deposit.

Documents for Hiring a Car in Cyprus

You will need:

  • passport or ID
  • driver’s license
  • rental voucher – in printed or electronic form, on a smartphone or tablet.

Fuel Prices

As elsewhere in Western Europe, gasoline prices in Cyprus cause only regret among American tourists, for example. Although they will only please Italians, Norwegians or Danes.

In the summer of 2022, the cost of a liter of gasoline on the island exceeded 1.8 €. Diesel fuel is much more expensive – at least 10 cents per liter!

Driving Tips

Except for the “left-handed” feature of the movement, the rules are similar to continental European ones.

In particular, the maximum speed limit in built-up areas should not exceed 50 km/h. Outside cities and towns, it is allowed to drive up to 80 km / h, on motorways – no higher than 100 km / h.

The slowest is the left lane, not the right one. And it is on it that you should move in the absence of traffic. Equally, to the left edge, one should “gravitate” moving along narrow mountain paths – do not confuse!

Traffic on roundabouts – and there are a lot of them here – is usually not regulated by special signs. But those who are already moving in circles have the advantage.

Remember to use your turn signals when entering and exiting the circle. This way you will help those who miss to safely join the flow.

On high-speed routes, when approaching the ring, a noticeable transverse yellow marking is applied to the road. Slightly protruding above the roadway and designed to sharpen the attention of the driver flying into the interchange.

Don’t immediately break into an additional lane that has suddenly begun. As it often serves only to turn right or left!

Belts and…

You must wear seat belts both front and rear. Children under 150 cm tall must use special restraints.

When driving a car, you can not only talk on the phone without a hands-free device, but eat and drink. And by the way, according to local laws, all these rules apply even to a standing vehicle with the engine running.

Permissible amount of alcohol in the blood – 0.21 ppm.

There are no toll roads in Cyprus, but the corresponding parking lots are present. The usual fee is 0.5 €/hour, no payment is charged on Sundays and public holidays. However, even in large resort towns you can find free parking.


Remember that rental cars in Cyprus have red numbers. Telling the locals and the police that they are almost certainly a foreigner.

In some cases, this allows you to get a warning instead of a fine. Or count on the indulgence of other road users in case of an unexpected (from their point of view) maneuver on the road.

The non-punishable excess of the speed limit in settlements in 2022 is 10% plus 2 km/h. That is, with a limit of 50 km / h, they can be fined for driving at a speed of 57 km / h.

On country roads and motorways, the 20% rule applies. That is, with a limit of 80 km / h, you can move at speeds up to 97 km / h.

Penalties are Calculated

according to the following “tariff” scale:

  • excess up to 30% – 2 € for each “extra” kilometer
  • 30-50% – 3 €
  • 50-75% – 5 €.

For those who have accelerated over 75% of the established limit, the court determines the measure of punishment. And it is difficult to count on his indulgence in this case (“I am a foreigner”, “not understanding”, “accidentally happened”, “the roads are too good”).

Those caught with a seatbelt not fastened will have to say goodbye to 150 €. The police will issue the same fine for transporting a child outside a special chair or for talking on a mobile phone while driving.

But for driving through a red light, they will “reward” twice – 300 €.

Driving while intoxicated up to a certain limit is punishable by fines.

For example – 125 € will be issued to those who “breathe” more than 0.21 ppm, but less than 0.35. And 500, in whose breath there will be alcohol vapor up to 0.7 ppm per liter.

Will be more – case goes to court!


It is impossible to pay a traffic fine in Cyprus on the spot. And don’t try to shove banknotes to the policeman – this may be regarded as an attempt to give a bribe.

In case of violation, you will receive a receipt in your hands, which must be paid within 15 days. At the bank branch at the location of the violation or in the appropriate section of the portal.

Do not meet the deadline? The fine will automatically increase by 50%. And after 30 days, the case will be submitted to the court for consideration.


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