Rhodes in June

Is it worth going on a seaside vacation to Rhodes in June

Rhodes in June 2024 – is it worth going on seaside vacation? Weather, sea temperature, is it possible to swim, prices in hotels and on tours. What to do in Rhodes in early June and closer to July, where to visit – in the review of good Time for Trip.

Rhodes, as you know, is the hottest of the Greek islands. Literally – when in Crete or Corfu, Mykonos, it is considered a feat to walk knee-deep in the sea, they already swim here.

That is why seaside holidays in Rhodes in May are so popular among tourists. But visiting this piece of land, located on the border of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, in July and August is considered not the most reasonable event.

Because it’s getting frankly scorching here. And in July 2023, the hottest on record in the entire history of observations, powerful wildfires on the island led to an emergency mass evacuation of tourists – theatlantic.com/wildfires-europe-greece-rhodes/674840/.

But what about the weather in Rhodes in June? Is it as generous with temperatures above +30 as the other two summer months? Or does it allow you not to burn in the sun, as well as to swim without looking at the clock, plus to implement an extensive excursion program?

Alas, there is no consensus on this issue. Since those who visited the Greek island at the very beginning of the high season leave

Diverse Reviews!

For some travelers, upon their return, admit that during their vacation in Rhodes in early June, there were not only just warm, but frankly hot. And therefore they could stay in open places and on beaches only until 11 a.m. and after 5-6 p.m.

Other citizens, having burned down by mistake once, adapted to such a weather without problems. And they found the strength not only to walk everywhere, but also to drive a lot – every second company of tourists reasonably wants to rent a car in Rhodes.

In general, a lot depends on the specific year, although in principle you can always count on an abundance of sunny days. And, of course, on a subjective personal feelings – someone is unable to leave the room at +30 °C, while others will walk down the street at noon and not suffer too much.

Weather in Rhodes in June

It is often recognized even as ideal! And we must agree with this – tourist who decides to spend a holiday in Rhodes at the beginning of summer will hardly find grounds for complaints.

In Rhodes in June the air temperature fluctuates between +23-25°C.

At the beginning of June 2023, the air temperature in Rhodes fluctuated in the range of +23-25 °C. But even before the end of the first decade of the month, it has reached the level of +28-30 degrees Celsius. By the end of the month, a real heat wave had set in on the island, as forecasts regularly promised something of +32-34 °C even in the shade.

And you should be prepared for this initially. Because every year in late June and early July, Rhodes is covered by a wave of truly African heat. Clear, rainless days follow one after another, and tourists, who at first rejoiced at the onset of real summer warmth, get tired of the heat after a week.

At night in Rhodes throughout June it gets diligently cold: up to +20-22 ° C in the first half of the month to +24-26 ° C – in the second one.

That has a positive effect on the sensations – even in the evenings, vacationers can take a little breath

Note that the humidity remains in the healthy range of 50-70%, because rains in Rhodes in early summer are extremely rare. And the strong heat is slightly offset by quite noticeable sea breezes.

What to Wear

Is it worth taking any clothes with you, in addition to the standard beach set of T-shirts and tops, shorts and breeches, sandals and flip flops? It depends on the specific circumstances and the planned activity – on the substantial size of the seaside hills, the wind sometimes blows so that it becomes cool without a jacket.

That is, those who plan to book excursions around Rhodes and travel a lot, it is better to take a light windbreaker with them. We definitely recommend also bringing sneakers with you. Since climbing to local hills often a challenge, and the rocky ground very poorly holds the flat soles of sandals.

Sea Temperature

In some years, it even becomes a reason for disapproval. Because at the beginning of June, the sea off the coast of Rhodes isn’t warmed up enough – only up to +21-22 ° C. Agree that this somehow doesn’t fit well with the very concept of vacation in “hot” Greece?!

Other vacationers, on the contrary, believe that cool water in conditions of air temperatures around and above +30 ° C is perfectly refreshing. So you shouldn’t be surprised that even at the start of June, they are swimming in Rhodes.

In the second half of the month, the grounds for complaints disappear altogether. Since the water area is systematically and without deviations warms up to +23-25 °C.

By the way, when choosing a beach in Rhodes, you should take into account that the Mediterranean Sea is slightly warmer than the Aegean one. And it’s a little quieter in terms of waves and winds.

You can already swim in Rhodes in June

What to Do in Rhodes in June

As we have already hinted above, few people go to Rhodes in early summer, counting solely on a beach holiday. The vast majority of tourists plan to see at least a couple of island attractions in addition. Well, someone will not sit still even for a day at all swimming in the sea (or in the hotels pool) only in the morning and evening?!

Note that the list of the most interesting places in Rhodes contains no more than a dozen items. But they are not located compact, and in order to get, for example, from the Palace of the Grand Masters to Cape Prasonisi in the south of the island, you will have to travel around 100 km.

The residence of the Knights Hospitaller should be visited at least because of the degree of preservation of both the castle itself and the interiors. There is no need to talk about the obligation to visit Prasonisi, the famous watershed between the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas – every first foreigner who visited Rhodes must have been here.

The iconic sights include the

Acropolis of Lindos

And the town itself with its white houses, cozy streets and magnificent views is a miracle, how good it is. The local sandy beach is also beautiful – it is not for nothing that it belongs to the best in Rhodes.

The itinerary of any excursion to Lindos from the island’s capital includes a visit to Seven Springs. A real refreshing oasis located in a pristine area.

The trip to the lake at Seven Springs is very popular among tourists and offers a unique experience. If you like adventures, you can walk to the lake through a very narrow tunnel with a length of almost 200 meters.

Walking in the dark ankle—deep in water is an exciting activity that awakens phobias. As an alternative route, you can go to the lake via a footpath directly above the tunnel.

What Else

The ruins of the Monolithos fortress, located on a wooded seaside cliff with wonderful views, are also popular among travelers.

Definitely worth a visit the famous Tsambika beach. The beach of Anthony Quinn is also extremely photogenic. Though it’s located near the (popular among tourists) village Faliraki and therefore rarely empty.

It is quite difficult to get to the top of the main island mountain Ataviros, not all cars will overcome the rocky path to it. But even climbing on foot looks like a justified waste of energy. Because the panoramas around are wonderful – you can take a look at the whole of Rhodes!

Don’t deny yourself a visit to the neighboring island Simi. Thanks to its colorful houses, it looks completely postcard-like against the background of the azure sea.

You can get from Rhodes to Simi on your own (there is a regular ferry line). But the cost of a boat cruise is not so high that you can deprive yourself such a pleasure!

You can get from Rhodes to Simi on your own

Prices 2024

Would you like to stay on the north coast of Rhodes? For example, in Yalisos? The local hotels offer great deals sometimes – you can book a room for two for just 55-70 $ per day.

What would you say, for example, about Johnhara Studios & Apartments, a guest house located 100 meters from restaurants and shops and 200 meters from the nearest beach? Their rooms are clean and quiet, the hotel has an excellent veranda where you can sit in the evening with a glass of wine.

It is worth noting that, if desired, in June in Rhodes, you can find excellent accommodation options for 50 € per day.

In particular, pay attention to Iatridis Studios Faliraki in a popular tourist destination on the east coast. There is a supermarket and a bus stop nearby, and the beach can be reached in a few minutes. It will take you about 20 minutes to get to the island capital.

Also, pay attention to Maestro Apartments Faliraki in the very center of the town. The iconic advantages of which are cute price tags, “great location” and “delicious breakfasts”. The latter, moreover, are included in the price – a week of stay here in June will cost 350 € for two.

Unfortunately, renting a car in Rhodes in the summer months is expensive – from 40-50 € per day. But we definitely recommend you to splurge on this, because it’s hard to travel by public transport in the local heat.

How much do excursions and cruises cost? Not so expensive – a speedboat ride to Simi and back, for example, will cost 30 € per person. A bus trip from Rhodes to Lindos with a visit to Seven Springs costs about the same amount.

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