Alanya in May

It gets hot in Alanya in May

Alanya in May 2024 – is it worth going? Weather, temperature, what to wear, can you swim, prices in hotels and on excursions. What to do in Alanya in early May and late spring, where you can go nearby and in Turkey – found out good Time for Trip.

Alanya is the warmest place in Turkey! And as such, this resort first attracts attention when it comes to sea holidays in this Asian country.

Most tourists, of course, out of habit will go here during the high season, which lasts from June to October. Deliberately ignoring the hard heat and scorching sun, increased prices and overcrowding.

But others, taught by their own or someone else’s experience, act more cautiously – they plan a vacation in Alanya for months when the weather conditions there are milder. And the sea area is warmed up to the extent that even small kids can swimming.

From this point of view, May in Alanya is an ideal time. Already warm, but not yet stuffy, the air is filled with freshness from the gardens that have just had time to bloom. In addition, this resort is one of the few in Turkey in May that allows swimming without the risk of overcooling.

With all this, the end of spring in Alanya, Antalya and Side, Kemer, in general on the Turkish Riviera, is still considered a low season!

But this common misconception is even useful, because it doesn’t allow flight tickets and hotels prices to soar into the sky. Again, there are few vacationers at the resort.

After all, most tourists in May are conservatively waiting for the onset of calendar summer. Still only figuring out what they should take with them to Turkey.

Weather in Alanya in May

The local atmosphere rarely begins to heat up from the very first days of the month – instead, the process stretches over time. Therefore, those who come to Alanya for a vacation in early May will not call its climate hot – rather, moderately mild.

The weather in Alanya in early May is moderately warm

On the other hand, the local weather fully rewards more patient people – closer to June, it becomes much hotter at the resort

During the first half of May 2023, the air temperature in Alanya during the day usually rised up to the range of +20-24 °C. At night, it’s often dropped below not only +20 °C, but even +17 °C!

Take this into consideration, and come here “armed” not only with swimsuits and shorts!

The middle and end of the month, however, usually pass under the signs of +26-28 °C. And on some days the air warms up to +29-31 °C. At the same time, there is practically no rains, and the sky remains clear for most of the month.

All these are the best conditions for those who do not tolerate extremely hot weather

In particular, families with small kids without fear can go on vacation in Alanya at the end of May.

Just Note

At the end of spring the local weather provokes citizens who don’t like to sit still to an unprecedented activity. Like rafting on a stormy river in the Köprülü Canyon or a frontal assault on a high-altitude Thermessos.

Trips to Pamukkale, a place that threatens to overflow in summer, are also very popular at this time. While in Alanya in May, tourists are also happy to go to Cappadocia – especially since this region can be easily reached from the Turkish Riviera!

Do really hot days happen in Alanya during (late) May? Of course! But not on a regular basis

Again, if you don’t digest even this heat well – rent a car. And drive it both on excursions and to remote beaches – for example, to Incekum.

Rains and Winds

Precipitation in the last month of spring in Alanya is rare – there are a maximum of 1-2 days of inclement weather. In addition, it preferably rains only at night. So you have a good chance not to find out about it – by 8-9 o’clock in the morning the sun will dry the beach sand, not to mention the streets.

In view of this, humidity in May there is usually in a more than acceptable range from 50 to 75%. Although on some days it can reach 90%

The winds are weak. Perhaps because their services are not needed in this time yet: the temperature is moderate, and swimming refreshes no worse than an air conditioner.

Sea Temperature

At the beginning of May, the sea off the coast of Alanya isn’t warmed up to the values that the holiday-maker expects. On International Workers’ Day, its temperature is no more than +18-19 °C. Although sometimes the Mediterranean Sea on this latitude warms up to +20-21 °C already in the end of April.

Anyway, most vacationers in Alanya during the first decade of the month gravitate more towards hotels with swimming pools

And they appear on the beaches only to sunbathe and breathe in the healing sea air. Well, or to recuperate after a run through the shops and markets of Alanya…

With the increase in atmospheric temperatures, the sea also fast warms up. And by the middle of May, you have the right to expect around +22-23 °C. Closer to June, forecasts promise very comfortable conditions for swimming – the sea warms up to +24, rarely to +25 °C.

What to Do with Kids

In the Internet prevails opinions that in the case of Alanya, the best time for a seaside vacation with kids is the middle or end of May. And we see no reason to dispute this statement – at the beginning of the month, the weather is not too stable, and the sea is not warmed up enough for swimming toddlers of kindergarten age.

Cleopatra beach - in Alanya in May you can swim in the sea

Please note that entering the sea in Alanya is quite difficult for children. And adults, for the most part, are inclined to be indignant than to scribble laudatory reviews

The reason is well known. But of course, it is rarely covered on profile sites – such anti-advertising doesn’t contribute to tourism.

Where to Swim

The fact is that entering the water on most of Cleopatra Beach is complicated by the presence of large stone slabs of natural origin. Which, of course, aren’t not easy to overcome.

Sharp edges and a smooth, very slippery surface create good conditions for getting injured. In some places, immediately after the end of the plate belt, the depth increases sharply and exceeds a couple of meters.

So these places can be considered as a kind of diving simulator

The “obstacle course” sometimes begins right at the entrance to the water. But in some places it retreats from the coast in 3-5 meters. Which allows the smallest vacationers to frolic in plenty in warm clear water.

There are no slabs at all on beach site No. 1, always and even in May – crowded, and on No. 6. There is a path for a comfortable entrance to the sea and in the distant sectors of Cleopatra beach – 19-20.

In general, if you are going on holiday with kids, it’s more correct to stay not in Alanya itself. Better to do it somewhere near the Incekum Beach – in the same village Avsallar.

After all, the Incekum not only consists entirely of a very pleasant texture of sand, but also has a gentle and not hiding surprises entering the sea

A separate bonus of Avsallar is the presence of the Sealanya Dolphinpark Seapark nearby. A stay in which the child should like.

Prices 2024

Significantly depend on the star rating, level of service and location.

For example, the central part of Alanya, adjacent to Cleopatra Beach, is built up with budget hotels. Therefore, it is relatively inexpensive – a room for two or an entire apartment can be rented in May for only 40-50 € per day.

What do you say, for example, about Cleopatra King Apart, where a family can stay in for a week for 300 €? Or its cheaper counterpart Bayram Apart Hotel, where you will be charged even less for an economy class apartment of 25 m2?!

Noticeably more expensive Avsallar – in mid-May, a family of 2 adults and 1 kid will have to pay from 90-100 € per day.

Although, of course, if booking early, you can save a lot. The same Sea View Studio apartment in Orion Garden can be rented for just € 60 per day.

Hotels in Mahmutlar are equally expensive. Although the shore here is covered with pebbles, and there are enough slabs in the sea that are always ready to upset your feet.

As well wind blow here as if they have signed a contract with detractors – so, a seaside vacation in Mahmutlar is a pleasure not for everyone

Beach pontoons save the situation a little. But you won’t immerse a kid who can’t swim right into the depths, will you?

Anyone can fly on a steam plane in Alanya

What to Do in Alanya in May

It seems to be necessary to spread about what you can see in Alanya and nearby. This item has been chewed many tens of thousands of times on the Internet – It seems to be necessary to spread about what you can see in Alanya and nearby. But this item has been chewed many tens of thousands of times on the Internet – here we will describe less well-known entertainment opportunities.

Requiring, however, much more concentration and a waste of energy. But – charging not only with health, but also with vivid impressions!

We guarantee that you will get an incredible dose of adrenaline by paragliding. Positive emotions are also provided for those who will go on a trip through the most beautiful canyons of Köprülü and Tazi – there are no words of saying what awaits those who will make a trip to Cappadocia!

At this time, it’s nice to wander around the shopping malls of Alanya, as well as shops and grocery markets. At least in order to buy inexpensive and fresh strawberries and cherries! The season of which is in full swing in Turkey in May.

To make frequent trips to the neighborhoods, you should also think about renting a car! Since organized bus tours are not so much expensive as monotonous. Sometimes setting as the main goal to unload its participants to buy some Turkish souvenirs.

Where to Go Nearby

We will advise you to get to the ancient polis Syedra. Fortunately, the May weather in Alanya, as we found out a little higher, is much milder than summer one. And therefore it should give you the opportunity to climb the seaside hill and enjoy the panoramas without the risk of overheating.

We will also offer to slightly lengthen the route in the south direction and see the Devil Deniz Cove firsthand charming in its almost untouched beauty. But in the near future it will be able to lose it – more and more tourists learn about this attraction

The ancient city Aspendos with a giant amphitheater is one of the places that are definitely worth exploring. Even if you are staying in Alanya, and will have to drive about 50 miles to get there!

Once again, we advise you to see the virgin beauty of the National Park Köprülü (125 km along the highway). And not only that – rafting through the local canyon on an inflatable boat, you will get a powerful dose of adrenaline.

Long-Distance Tours

Do you want to visit Pamukkale? We will say a sinful thing, but this place has become so famous that you shouldn’t waste time on it – there are already a lot of tourists in May.

But the 500 km distance from Alanya to Cappadocia is definitely worth conquering. For the latter has not yet exhausted its tourism potential. And it can still accommodate much more people without damage than annually come to look at its beauty.

One bad thing is that the weather in Cappadocia in May is already so well suited for hot-air balloon flights that the month is considered highly seasonal. Which naturally affects prices in hotels.

Is it worth going from Alanya to Istanbul? Definitely, but not in May!

When the weather on the Turkish Riviera does not just hint, but directly pokes the obvious fact with your nose – spend a maximum of days at sea. After all, the second such opportunity to have a great holiday in the near future may not be provided.


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