Barcelona in September

There is pretty warm in Barcelona in September

Barcelona in September 2023 – is it worth visiting both for seaside vacationing and tours? Weather, sea temperature, what to wear and take with you, prices in hotels and on tours. What to do in Barcelona in the beginning of September and close to October, where to go near – found out good Time for Trip.

Spain therefore belongs to one of the most popular countries among tourists in the world, because the high season in it lasts a long time. And with the arrival of the calendar autumn, it doesn’t end: there are a lot of vacationers on the beaches of Ibiza, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. And large cities aren’t getting empty – on the contrary, there are still overcrowded with foreigners.

A big part of them are settled in September in Barcelona – it’s not for nothing that the main city of Catalonia is also considered the touristic capital of Spain. Moreover, it’s located, unlike Madrid, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has a lot of excellent sandy beaches.

And if you don’t have enough of those in the city, you can always settle in one of the famous neighbouring resorts. In Blanes or Lloret de Mar, Salou or Cambrils.

From where, as you probably know, anyone can easily come to see Barcelona for a day – it’s just needed to look at the train schedule. If you have an international driver’s license, then you can go further.

For instance – make a real road trip in Catalonia and the whole country. Since it’s not difficult to rent a car in Spain

However, in order for all this to turn from a dream into reality, first you need to

Decide to Come

And before that, study the data concerning the average air and sea temperatures in Barcelona in September.

To understand what is the ratio of clear and rainy days, what are the prices in hotels and on excursions. To estimate how many days to spend on the seashore for a completely relaxing…

We are going to help you with all those issues. Since we ourselves have visited Catalonia more than once in early autumn. And know firsthand what we can count on.

Weather in Barcelona in September sunny and warm

Weather in Barcelona in September

It should satisfy even the discerning tourist. Demanding to the number of clear days and planning to carry out an extensive excursion program in a short time.

For, although the guidebooks unanimously claim that September in Barcelona is the rainiest month of the year, a careful acquaintance with meteorological statistics convinces – there is non need to be afraid of this. Since the precipitation rate in the city in the first month of autumn grows to about 60 mm, and frankly rainy usually turn out to be only 3-4, rarely 5 days.

The air temperature at the same time clearly provokes walking from dawn to dusk. In early September 2022, Barcelona enjoy warm – +27-28 °C – and often very sunny weather. At night, the air cooled down. But, again, to more than acceptable values – there was something about +22-24 °C on the street thermometers.

In the second half of September, a slight cold snap occurred in Barcelona. Air temperatures dropped to +24-26 °C during the day, while at night the atmosphere cooled first to +20-22, and at the end of the month – even to +18 °C.


Must Say

that such weather is, in principle, typical for the capital of Catalonia in early autumn. In some years, small deviations from the template are possible.

But in any case you have right to count on warm, even if not always cloudless weather. As well as on air temperatures in the range of +20-26 °C. And the sea, which in a disciplined manner keeps the degrees accumulated in summer.

The duration of daylight in Barcelona in September ranges from 13 hours to 11’45. The sun rises above the horizon at 7.17-7.47 am, and sets at 8.20-7.35 pm. Twilight, however, comes even before the luminary goes to illuminate another part of the Earth – in the west, Barcelona is guarded by mountains.

Sea Temperature

This is another reason to pay Barcelona a visit at the beginning of September. Since the water off the coast is warmed up to more than decent for this latitude +25-26 °C.

This way you will be able to swim without regard to the time of day. And very flexible will plan your time: in the early morning, for example, you can swim while the beach is deserted and the sun hasn’t yet begun to get hot. For after breakfast, to go explore the Gothic Quarter or, for example, pay a visit Park Güell.

Someone will want to go from Barcelona to Andorra. Why exactly there, in a seemingly completely ski-friendly place?

The fact is that the miniature principality, sandwiched between France and Spain, is beautiful at any time of the year. And at the beginning of autumn, it also sees rare tourists!

By mid-September, the water at the beaches of Barcelona cools down to +23-24 °C. Encouraging citizens not to be shy and take sea baths, not just bask in the sun. Much more – you can swim in Barcelona and on the threshold of October!

Just please keep this information to yourself. So that autumn doesn’t turn into the second edition of the high season here!

What to Take with You

In principle, everything is the same as what you usually take when going on seaside vacation. Two sets of swimsuits, a couple of big towels, sunscreen, some beach accessories…

As well as adapters for sockets – Spanish ones don’t comply with British and American standards. And, if necessary, take with you adapters for safe charging your gadgets – the voltage in Barcelona is 230 V.

Those who are going to hike in the mountainous areas – even in not too high, like Montserrat, definitely will not hurt windbreakers with hoods and hoodies with a hood. Because it will be colder and windier up there than on the coast.

A light raincoat and an umbrella may also come in handy. But rubber boots should be left at home, taking instead a pair of comfortable shoes with thick soles suitable for climbing hills and coastal cliffs on the Costa Brava.

Prices 2023

Literally anyone can independently organize a trip to the Catalan capital without resorting to the help of travel agencies today. Provided that he knows how to use the Internet and has a certain amount of money – not too much, by the way!

In early autumn a room in a good hotel or even an apartment for two, located (usually) not in the very center of Barcelona costs from 120 € per day. Alas, this is without taking into account the city tax, which grew again in April 2023.

Looks like one of the most worthy options Gaudi Hotel. Which bears the name of the famous Catalan for a reason – it’s located near the main attractions of the old town. And in addition, has a view terrace from which guests can admire the Barcelona roofs to their heart’s content.

Deservedly received high marks and, accordingly, a rating (8.5) the Hotel Astoria in the Eixample district. It’s located very close to Diagonal Avenue, has a rooftop pool and even a gym. The reviews praise the comfort and cleanliness in the rooms, the helpfulness of the staff.

Walking sightseeing tours of Barcelona in early autumn cost from 30-45 € per person. Approximately 36 € should be paid for a daily pass for a tourist bus of the Hop-On Hop-Off format.

A walk without a queue and a 1.5-hour excursion of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral will cost at least 50 €. And noticeably more expensive (from 70-75 €) are organized tours to the monastery of Montserrat.

However, they are often combined with a tasting session in a cafe or restaurant. And this is explainable – who wouldn’t want to try tapas or other original dishes of Spanish cuisine?

In September in Barcelona you can relax on one of the sandy beaches


Obviously, in September you will pay some attention to the clean sandy beaches of Barcelona. Moreover, most of them for cleanliness and availability of the required infrastructure are regularly awarded the Blue Flag.

A tourist visiting the Catalan capital for the first time in his life will probably start by going to the famous Barcelonneta. One of the oldest sandy beaches in the city, with a smooth entry into the sea and a gorgeous sandy bottom.

Barcelonneta is especially popular among young people, as it has a large number of sports grounds. Where you can play both beach volleyball and football, there are even trails for skateboarding. You don’t have to go far to have a snack – there are enough restaurants and eateries on Paseo Maritimo.

There are also big disadvantages! In particular, this beach is always crowded and noisy. And it can’t boast of cleanliness!

Demanding tourists to this aspect should move to the nearby San Miguel beach. Or even further, on Sant Sebastia. Where there are sometimes no fewer vacationers, but there is no garbage. As well as most of the vacationers are locals.

It’s distanced far from the center and therefore doesn’t belong to the number of tourist places Bogatel beach. Thoroughly renovated for the 1992 Olympic Games and has maintained a high quality standard ever since.

It can be crowded on Bogatel even in September. But on the other hand, there are no loud offers of massage, and in general the atmosphere is much calmer, relaxed.

What to Do in Barcelona in September

Walk a lot! Perhaps this is the best way to see Barcelona, visit its main attractions, soak up the Catalan spirit. However, don’t go overboard with it – walking in this, sometimes quite hot time of the year are better combined with trips on tourist buses with an open top. As well as with excursions – you’ll get a lot of additional interesting information on them.

Every tourist arriving in Barcelona first strives to see with his own eyes some of the creations of the incredible

Antonio Gaudi

In total, Gaudi presented the city with thirteen buildings, and the most visited is the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família or simply the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Which is still under construction, but despite this, it receives visitors with might and main. The temple can be reached by metro – get off at the Sagrada Familia station. It’s better to buy tickets to the cathedral in advance on the official website, because in September the queues at the entrance to the temple are still very large.

Other famous creations of Gaudi in Barcelona: Casa Baglio (Passeig de Gracia, 43), Casa Mila (P. de Gracia, 92) and Park Güell on (former) the outskirts of the city. The latter, in addition to the exquisite beauty and originality of the decor, captivates the tourist with an abundance of greenery.

The famous park in the northern part of Barcelona was designed by Antonio Gaudi in 1900-1914. Initially, it was a combination of a garden and residential spots, and the total area of this sample of landscape design exceeded 17 hectares. Today, Park Güell is one of the main attractions of Spain, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also in September, you can go to the Labyrinth Park of Horta, take a walk in the Romantic Garden and quickly get lost in the hedge maze. Just make sure that someone can get you out.

Plaza Catalunya is the main square in Barcelona, literally all roads lead from here, both to the city and beyond. On the square there are beautiful and in hot weather very refreshing fountains, nearby there is also a largest shopping center in Barcelona, El Corte Inglés. Where you can relieve stress and fatigue with shopping.

Gothic Quarter

The famous pedestrian boulevard La Rambla and Boulevard Grazia start from the Plaza de Espana. From here you will quickly reach the Gothic Quarter and its dominant, the Church of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia.

Next to the Cathedral of St. Eulalia, by the way, the main temple of Barcelona, you will find the Bishop’s Palace and the Museum of Religious Art, as well as the Casa de l’Ardiaca, which is very interesting in an architectural sense.

You can walk along the Rambla Boulevard to the Boqueria market – just keep in mind that in the morning it’s very crowded there, including because of tour groups. And then pay a visit to the Royal Square.

Where the Grand Royal Palace, impressive for its harsh medieval beauty, is located. In one of the halls of which Queen Isabella of Spain at an official reception learned from Columbus about the opening of the sea route to “India”.


In Barcelona in September, it is worth visiting the Temple of Expatori del Sagrat Cor

The best view point in Barcelona is located on the top of the Tibidabo hill (512 meters), where you can climb both on foot (it’s tough) and by funicular. In addition to the observation deck at the top there is an amusement park, one of the oldest in Europe, but still able to surprise. Also there stands the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor, Catholic church in a neo-Gothic building erected in the 20th century.

By the Way!

It’s worth remembering that every year on September 11, in memory of the end of the siege of Barcelona in 1714, the National Day of Catalonia is celebrated. During which processions and various festive events are held on the streets, and the balconies are decorated with Catalan flags and other items with the symbols of the region.

Where to Go

There is no reason to doubt that in September you will rather focus on the Catalan capital itself, its sights and beaches. And will not be scattered in an attempt to see interesting places near Barcelona also.

Although we’ll definitely advise you to spend a day to visit such a beautiful town as Vic. Make an attempt to immerse yourself in the real Middle Ages on the streets of Girona or in general in ancient times – in Tarragona.

A trip to the mountains and the Montserrat Monastery looks like an absolutely mandatory event. Where the religious talisman of the region, the Black Madonna, is carefully kept.


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